Due to multiple browsers and the quirky way computers work, you may turn safe search off only to find it return to the default setting.  Repeated attempts to turn off safe search result in frustration by millions of Google fans.

Turn Off Safe Search!   Google safe search is turned off using these instructions.   Bookmark and Share

The search settings of your browser are set within Google preferences at www.google.com/preferences.
The default setting is for moderate filtering.  Lock Safe Search OFF!

To turn off safe search
you will need to set the filtering to the "no filtering" setting as follows:

Screen Shot of Filtering Settings - How to Turn Off SafeSearch
turn off safe search

After you have selected the "no filtering" setting, safe search off will now be activated on your computer. If you use
multiple browsers, this procedure will need to be completed to turn off search within each browser.

SafeSearch OFF
Another option is to bookmark this page and use it to override your computer settings within your browser, or choose to search a spam free search engine
This site is not directly affiliated with or endorsed by Google.  It simply provides a Google search tool for users to search with safe search off.  

Search Blekko - The Spam Free Search Engine:  SpamFreeSearch.net

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 SafeSearch OFF!